"Although only a segment of a set, this track certainly gives you enough of a sample of the group's talent and power to want to hear more. ...this track has that long jam feel like the Dead, Mountain, Santana and all the others who just let thelr love of music flow and flow."
- Eclectic Connection
(Review of "Biggly Live 2005")

"a raw post-punk meets 80's Crimsoid dissonance blended with elements of jazz and free-metal"
- Expose Magazine
(Progwest 2001 review)

"Extraordinarily Original and Inventive Music, unlike anything else you are likely to hear anywhere else on THIS planet"
Steve Iannetti (

"...left me crawling helplessly around on the floor, searching for my discarded belief system..."
Scrappi DuChamp -Mondo Vanilli

"This is a very percussive guitar driven trio with an edge that reflects their influence King Crimson and Frank Zappa. "
- New Instrumental Essentials

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For helping us spread the Ashpool vibe, we would like to say thanks and give props to:

Claude Peña for the Buena Vista Photography

Aryeh from Azigza for Progressive Projections and ProgWest and much more.

Adrian from Fractal for live recordings.

Gwynn Adams and Headshear for great shows.

We had a blast touring withSavant Guard!

Conan and Replicator our worthy opponents at Iron Band.

Our LD Steve.

Video guru Jim back east!

Miguel Tejada! 2002 AL MVP! We didn't name our fastest, most exciting song after just anybody!

Gabrielle. Armature of our Genesis.

Erin Chambersunindicted co-conspirator.

Alfie and everybody at Lennon Studios

Pete's 881 Club in San Rafael

BayProg They got your hook up to the Bay Area's best bands!

Special thanks to Azigza vocalist Shiva Las Vegas himself. Russil. Peace

Expressions New Mediaand evrybody who helped put together a very fun JAM

Thanks to everybody for supporting live music and we look forward to seeing you soon