Subtitles in Stereo turns 10 next month!

Special 10 Year Anniversary!

"...Ashpool has definitely hit upon something good here, and while King Crimson is an obvious influence, [Boodle] has a character of its own, something to bring prog rock back into the mainstream perhaps. If only there was a market for instrumental music, this would definitely go places."
-Progressive Dimensions review of Subtitles In Stereo

On July 13th and 14th, 2001, Patrick, Xochi, and Klik went to Microdot Studios in Oakland with legendary producer Billy Anderson to record the EP, Subtitles In Stereo. Having just played a show at Paradise Lounge earlier in the week there was a good vibe going in. Scheduling conflicts meant recording would happen overnight, during the graveyard shift. 5 songs in two days. These were Ashpool's signature tracks, composed and refined over scores of rehearsals. Some of these songs didn't even have names until shortly before they'd been chosen for the debut EP. "Boodle" got its name from the sound of its opening guitar riff. "The Process" was written as a meditation on the process of learning, creation, success, failure and redemption. "Tejada Shot" got its name after Patrick and Klik saw then Oakland A's shortstop Miguel Tejada hit a line drive home run over the numbers on the fence in center field of the Oakland Coliseum. In the 10 years since making this recording Ashpool has recorded dozens of songs, from microphones in practice rooms, recording school studios, multitrack from the soundboard off stage thanks to Adrian Cockraft of Fractal Continuum to Jon's home studio in Lafayette, California. You can find many of these other recordings as mp3s for download for free on our Downloads page including our Live show at Pete's 881 Club, our latest release, The In Sides and mp3s of recordings from the last 10 years and beyond. But Subtitles In Stereo was a defining moment for Ashpool as the compositions were captured, mixed down, overdubbed and eventually mastered onto CDs, the only CD released and sold as a single document by the band. After July 14th, 2011 the mp3s on this page will be removed from our server meaning mp3s from Subtitles In Stereo will only be available for download from Amazon iTunes, or similar digital music retailers. We have more tracks, both old and new coming to in the future, the easiest way to be in the know is to follow us on our Twitter page. Thank you.

Microdot Studios: July, 2001

Billy working the board


Xochi in the Control Room